Sunday school

Sunday School is a great opportunity to go deeper in God's word together as a community. We offer several classes that change throughout the year. Join us Sunday Mornings at 9:00 AM in the Adult Education building to take part in one of these classes. 

The GOSPEL of LUke - Danny Harvey

Join us as we journey through the the life and teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. We will go line by line through this Gospel with a good amount of discussion and interaction, so come ready to learn!

9:00 AM in A/E 4. 

Book: Journey to Joy - bradley myer

In this class, we go through various books that focus on different areas of the Christian life and theology. Our current book is God Is the Gospel by John Piper. 

“True happiness comes from within.” At least that’s what our culture tells us while beating the drum of self-esteem as the route to real joy.

But what if this is wrong? What if true joy comes not from within, but from without? What if it comes from God himself?

Embedded in the Bible is a little-known guidebook to the lasting joy we long for: the Psalms of Ascent—a set of 15 Psalms that share honestly about the heights and the depths of life while celebrating the faithfulness of God.

Helping us to engage and explore Psalms 120–134, pastor Josh Moody offers practical counsel, perceptive insights, and personal experience as a fellow pilgrim on the joy-filled journey to the father heart of God.

9:00 AM in A/E 7-9