Sunday school

Sunday School is a great opportunity to go deeper in God's word together as a community. We offer several classes that change throughout the year. Join us Sunday Mornings at 9:00 AM in the Adult Education building to take part in one of these classes. 

The Life of paul - wanda keegan

Join us as we journey through the exciting life of the very first missionary, the Apostle Paul. Starting in the book of Acts we will go through his life and ministry stopping in other parts of the Pauline epistles along the way. We enjoy a good amount of discussion and interaction, so come ready to learn!

9:00 AM in A/E 4. 

Book: Unlimited grace - bradley myer

In this class, we go through various books that focus on different areas of the Christian life and theology. Our current book is Unlimited Grace by Bryan Chapell. 

"Confusion about the nature of God’s grace can easily lead to an unhealthy concern about the security of our salvation on the one hand or the belief that we don’t need to strive for holiness on the other. Do we know the real meaning of grace as described in Scripture? In this gentle and compassionate book, pastor Bryan Chapell explains how grace not only frees us from sin, but also serves as fuel for the Christian life."

9:00 AM in A/E 3