We serve a variety of missions. From missionaries in the middle east missions to DriButts Diapers to Vida Joven (Young Life) in Nicaragua. See below for more details. Prior to Covid, trips were taken to each of these locals to love on, support, learn from, and work with each of these ministries.

middle east missions

Jake and Anna are a part of a church planting team in a rural city in the Middle East. They desire to see Muslims meet Jesus and be disciples as they follow Him and make more disciples. 

Anna was one of the pioneer members who launched to their city in 2016. Jake joined the team after they got married in 2019. As ways to meet people and impact their community Anna teaches English at local community centers and Jake has a media business.

DriButts Diapers

"Don't just change diapers, change lives." This ministry grew out of one man's understanding that "diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day." Seeing children go to the bathroom unprotected in the house near food and water sources, created unsanitary conditions and potentially spreading disease. 


vida joven/Young Life


41 & Change co.

"We pay our Nicaraguan coffee farmers 25% higher than the national minimum wage. The result? Better quality of life for our farmers and a higher quality coffee. Turns out, coffee tastes better when coffee cherries are harvested and processed at the height of their ripeness. Higher wages attract skilled workers who keep our quality high."

Proceeds from sale of each bag of coffee help sponsor campers to La Finca Vida Joven (Young Life) where campers learn about Jesus Christ.


middle ground malnutrition clinic - haiti

"From our malnutrition treatment center to our sustainability training, we are committed to family preservation in every way possible. We are dedicated to those we serve with the humility and love of Jesus Christ."

Middle Ground Malnutrition Clinic has three main areas of focus: treatment, education, and sustainability (follow-up after a child has graduated from the program to empower families to stay together).


Jesus film project

"More than 490 million people have come Jesus after watching these films!" "Jesus" is in approximately 2000 languages and the number is growing weekly. "When the gospel, heart language and the Holy Spirit work simultaneously people see Jesus in a whole new way." 

Film breaks barriers that other forms of communication cannot. There are instances that people see "JESUS" and other films prior to the Bible being translated into their language.